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Haupteingang, Hotel Allegra Lodge, Zurich Airport, achesa Group
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Lifestyle and modern temporary living

achesa Hotels

Our Hotels impress with their excellent transport connections in a central location and attractive service standards. Business and city travelers as well as families and long-term guests are guaranteed to find the right offer with us!

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achesa Restaurants

Our Restaurants attach great importance to seasonal products. The food is always freshly cooked and guests are treated to creative dishes. From a cozy Italian restaurant to a Swiss food experience. Discover our various restaurants now!

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achesa homes

The modern  Serviced Apartments offer a flexible alternative to the traditional hotel stay and are particularly popular with business travelers and expats planning a longer stay near Zurich.

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achesa ShareLiving Rooms

ShareLiving Moments in Kloten! Communal living with comfortable hotel services is an increasingly popular way of life. Ideal for people who value company and conviviality.

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achesa Living

Urban and modern rental apartments in the Kloten city center and the opportunity to claim exclusive hotel services. Achesa Living is the perfect starting point for active and mobile people.

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achesa Group – A Swiss family company

We are a lifestyle company that covers the areas of short-term, medium-term and long-term living. Under the umbrella brand achesa Group, we operate hotels, serviced apartments, share living spaces as well as restaurants and rental apartments.

Creating spaces that make life more beautiful is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. We give our guests, partners and employees the highest level of individual service, personal interest and warmth. Check out yourself and visit us in one of our locations in Kloten or Glattbrugg near Zurich Airport.

Jobs & Careers

In the achesa Group we value personalities who have a real passion for hospitality and first-class service. Our teams in the hotels and restaurants are always looking for individual talents who have the desire to welcome guests with warmth and commitment. We’re not just about providing accommodation, but about creating an unforgettable experience for our guests.

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Weinempfehlung mit Service, Hotel Allegra Lodge, Zurich Airport, achesa Group
Check-in, Hotel Allegra Lodge, Zurich Airport, achesa Group
Koechin, Ristorante Mercato, Kloten, achesa Group

Our achesa hotels, restaurants & serviced apartments

Aussenfassade mit Gondel, Hotel Allegra Lodge, zurich Airport, achesa Group

Hotel Allegra Lodge
Hamellirainstrasse 5 · CH-8302 Kloten
Zurich Airport

Aussenfassade, Hotel Welcome Inn, Zurich Airprot, achesa Group

Hotel Welcome Inn
Holbergstrasse 1 · CH-8302 Kloten
Zurich Airport

Weinturm, Restaurant und Bar Tschadun, Hotel Allegra Lodge, Kloten, achesa Group

Restaurant & Bar Tschadun
Hamelirainstrasse 5 · CH-8302 Kloten

Inneneinrichtung, Ristorante Mercato, Kloten, achesa Group

Ristorante Mercato
Marktgasse 19 · CH-8302 Kloten

Innenraum, Pizzeria Giardino, Kloten, achesa Group

Pizzeria Giardino
Marktgasse 19 · CH-8302 Kloten

Aussenfassade, achesa homes, Glattbrugg, Zurich Airport, achesa Group

achesa homes Glattbrugg
Oberhauserstrasse 30 · CH-8152 Glattbrugg
Zurich Airport

Balkon, achesa homes, Kloten, Zurich Airport, achesa Group

achesa homes Kloten
Hamelirainstrasse 5 · CH-8302 Kloten
Zurich Airport

achesa | Hotels, Restaurants & Serviced Apartments

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